Customs clearance

Customs clearance of export shipments becomes relevant for commercial organizations planning to enter foreign markets. When crossing the Ukrainian border, all shipments should be cleared as required by national legislation.
What documents should be required in this case? Is there an export duty or excise tax on your goods (e.g., grain)? Is an identification seal required for the vehicle?
We can help you figure it out and get answers to all questions related to export documents.
Export customs clearance can be done by your own efforts or with the help of an experienced broker, who will save you time and anticipate all possible customs risks which could result in a real financial loss (your foreign counterparty may be disappointed if you delay the delivery date).

Sign a cooperation agreement with us and hand over the source documents so that we can take care of exports to Europe, Russia and any other destinations. We fill in all the documents without mistakes, carry out the necessary calculations and accompany your shipment to customs and, if necessary, take care of the timely VAT refund. Our lawyers, who have proven experience in dealing with customs authorities, will take care of all your legal documentation.

We work according to above-board business practices and provide real guarantees for every application. To avoid delays and difficulties when registering exports from Ukraine, we monitor all innovations in customs, tax and currency legislation.
Before signing the agreement, you will receive detailed consultation on the forthcoming export clearance and its price that will enable you to plan your activities and costs.

For our customers’ convenience we have systematized and worked out the slightest detail of the export clearance procedure in Ukraine. You can order a separate service, e.g., obtaining permission to export goods or execute foreign trade documents for the preparation of export and import transactions. But more often customers choose comprehensive customs clearance on turnkey basis.

We will take care of:
- preparing the documents required for exports (including the preparation of declarations and authorizations);
- calculating the required payments and taxes;
- communicating with customs officials;
- dealing with refunds of payments made earlier.

What documents do you need to prepare an export transaction?
The list of mandatory documents depends on the specifics of the cargo and its delivery, so it will be individual for each exporter. In any case, the list includes documentation certifying the grounds and conditions for export of goods outside Ukraine, documents confirming payment of taxes and duties, as well as compliance with the requirements stipulated by law for exporters.

We provide an approximate list:
- invoice;
- foreign economic contract, specification;
- shipping documents (including bills of consignment);
- certificate of origin;
- certificate of transportation;
- receipt documents for the goods (calculation);
- authorization documents (authorization to export from Ukraine, quality certificates, phytosanitary certificate, etc.);
- documents confirming that all customs fees for customs export procedure have been paid, etc.

You will also need a goods declaration agreement so that we could represent your interests.
Exporters are entitled to a refund of the value added tax. According to the law, for this purpose, it is necessary to confirm the actual sale of goods and to present the export calculations. In fact, the VAT refund procedure causes many difficulties and exporters have to wait a long time for a refund due to bureaucratic formalities. We can assist you with preparing documents for the tax authorities confirming the export of goods and obtaining export VAT as soon as possible.

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