Enabling documentation

In the course of customs clearance of goods, entities engaged in foreign economic activity are faced with the fact that certain types of goods require special authorization documents, such as SSU conclusion for special technical means, declarations of conformity, certification of goods, SES conclusion, CCI conclusion, certificate of origin, dual-use or military goods, licenses.
Obtaining authorization documents on your own can be time-consuming and stressful, leading to vehicle ‘down time’ at customs terminals and increasing customs clearance costs.
Our experts can help you obtain the necessary authorization documents spending minimum time and effort.

List of services for authorization documents:

Declaration of Conformity and Certification of Goods (UkrSEPRO);
SSU Conclusion (special technical means);
SES Conclusion;
Certificates of origin of goods;
Phytosanitary Certificate;
Registration of medical goods;
Registration in the Center of Radio Frequencies (UCRF)

In modern practice of state regulation of foreign trade, other measures, called non-tariff ones, are widely used along with tariff measures.
Non-tariff regulation is a set of methods to regulate foreign trade in goods, which is carried out by introducing quantitative and other prohibitions and restrictions of economic kind.

List of non-tariff regulation services:
Veterinary inspection
Phytosanitary inspection
Quarantine Control
Sanitary & epidemiological control
Food control
Environmental monitoring
Registration of medicines, medical products, immunobiological preparations, food supplements
State Inspection of Assay Supervision
Registration in State Service of Export Control

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