Technical import/export

Green Channel offers its clients a new area of logistics service: technical exports and imports.
If your company is unable or unwilling to conduct foreign trade activities on its own, you can outsource this service to us. You do not need to become a subject of external economic activity to perform any foreign economic operation. We carry out the entire cycle of the deal on your behalf, according to the terms of the agreement – commission agreement or sale agreement.

How does it work?
We sign a foreign trade contract with your supplier, purchase the necessary goods, deliver them to Ukraine, arrange all necessary authorization documents and carry out customs clearance for the export of goods.
After that we perform the sale to the customer under a domestic contract of sale or commission.

The benefits of this cooperation:
We plan and organize everything for you.
We draw up foreign trade contracts, monitor the timeliness of foreign currency payments, according to the terms of the contract, etc.;
Your company will cut the costs of professional management in the staff of logistics, financial and legal departments;
The purchase of the desired goods is carried out already in Ukraine on the basis of the internal agreement, at a fixed price in local currency.

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